Third Party Logistics Provider and Order Fulfillment Company

United States
Business Services; Consumer, Food & Retail; Transportation
Client Code: BN000033380
Revenue (Tax Returns): $2,369,529
EBITDA (Tax Returns): $192,792

The company is a third party logistics provider, distribution center, and order fulfillment company that handles inventory and order management for established e-commerce websites. The company specializes in multi-channel integration accomplished through the company's proprietary software system developed to automate every function of the distribution network and interacts with over 60 online platforms.

Key Aspects

• Easy, flexible system with built in tools to aid in client growth

• Very responsive to industry demands and needs

• Easily scalable business model ready for expansion

• Over 40 years collective experience serving clients in the e-commerce fulfillment business

• Proprietary operating system that automates the distribution network and interfaces with most e-commerce online platforms


• Expand operation to more of its current market and serve additional industries

• Acquire warehouses in other geographic locations to increase service capabilities

• Increase advertising and marketing efforts to reach additional clients and increase market share

• License proprietary software operating system to other companies


Northern United States

Current Markets

Established business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce company

Real Estate

The company operates from three facilities on two separate properties. The facilities are owned by a related party. The facilities are 13,000 square feet, 7,000 square feet, and 97,000 square feet respectively. The company is in the process of moving all operations to the largest facility going forward.