Automation Systems Integrator

Northeast US
Business Services; Industrial & Manufacturing; Technology, Media, Telecom & Data
Client Code: BN000033821
Revenue (Internal): $2,166,286
EBITDA (Internal): $15,519

The company is an engineering services firm that collaborates with its clients to automate product research, product manufacturing, and product test. The company integrates third-party hardware and software components to create custom automated equipment and processes that leverage electrical, mechanical, controls and software engineering disciplines.

Key Aspects

• Consistently profitable business model

• Average employee tenure exceeds 10 years

• Extensive database of prospects and customers

• More than 2,800 projects completed

• Audited and certified by the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) since 2003

• Earned Certified Vision System Integrator status awarded by American Imaging Association


• Increase marketing and sales efforts to further penetrate a broad customer base including a who’s who in their respective industries

• Enlarge the company’s product and service offering to lead timely and ongoing digital transformation initiatives 


Northeast United States

Current Markets

• Companies that research, design, manufacture, or test products across all industries needing automation engineering, programming, consulting, and training services

Real Estate

• The company operates from two facilities leased from unrelated third parties. The facilities and workspaces have been recently expanded, renovated and upgraded for aesthetics and functionality. There is room to grow in the current locations.