Management Consulting Firm Providing Lean Manufacturing Expertise

Midwest US
Business Services; Education & Government
Client Code: BN000037703
Revenue (TTM): $7,891,926
EBITDA (TTM): $1,949,182

A consulting firm that specializes in making organizations more efficient and improving their operational and financial performance by implementing process improvements (using lean transformation). The company’s clients are typically associated with the aerospace, industrial, transportation, government defense contracting and construction industries.

Key Aspects

• Consulting and advisory firm with a strong track record of providing highquality, value-added services

• Extensive network of experienced manufacturing experts

• Owner of innovative, on-demand microlearning platform with a growing curriculum of business and management-related topics


• Global expansion

• Expand and brand proprietary MicroLearning platform

• Diversify offerings by adding engineering services

• Strategically positioned to fill the manufacturing skills gap facing multiple industries as a result of more and more companies losing manufacturing expertise


• Midwest United States

Real Estate

• The company is 100% virtual and does not occupy office space.