IT Asset and e-Waste Disposal Company with Powerful Proprietary Inventory Management Software

United States
Environmental, Waste & Recycling
Client Code: BN000038348
Revenue (Internal): $1,453,233
EBITDA (Internal): $308,675

The offering is a pair of businesses, based in multiple Southern states, operating collectively as well as independently. The businesses are at the forefront of developing innovative technologies for the e-waste industry. The businesses also provide a variety of global electronics-waste management and recycling services.

Key Aspects

Key Aspects:

· Proprietary logistics and recyclable waste management software suite developed over two decades and five iterations, provides strong competitive edge and carbon footprint reporting capabilities. The software has been in production for the past five years and is hugely scalable.

· Powerful software with the ability to integrate within systems that track e-waste recycling and carbon footprint.

· Highly effective business model and tenured management team experienced in environmental compliance seeking rapid growth.

· Rapidly expanding business with presence in several states and plans for several more.

· Strong historical financial performance showcasing growth trajectory with healthy profit margins.



· Proprietary e-waste recycling software suite provides unique breakdown of business and operational efficiencies

accommodating rapid expansion for e-waste management experts as well as enterprises

· Software enables a global user to report all of it's recyclables

worldwide or drill into a single facility and single recycling stream in real time

· Rapidly expanding business with highly scalable model poised to roll out across the United States

· Highly marketable business as the offering’s services often come at no cost to customers

· Software provides real-time carbon footprint control capabilities providing insights for ECOs which no enterprises currently possess



· Southwestern United States

Current Markets

Current Markets:

· The offering works with various businesses throughout the United States to provide asset disposition, secure data destruction, and cost-saving inventory management systems. The software system is capable of providing carbon footprint and usage information to businesses globally in real-time.

Real Estate

Real Estate:

· The business operates from four facilities throughout the Southwestern United States. One facility is owned by shareholders, all other facilities are leased from unrelated third parties.