Designer and Producer of Stamps

Northeast US
Business Services; Education & Government
Client Code: BN000038120
Revenue (Management): $3,461,577
EBITDA (Management): $518,340

The company serves as a producer, procurer, and market maker for many of the world’s government postal services. The company handles all research, development, and procurement of official government issued postage stamps around the world.

Key Aspects

• Inventory in excess of $3B (catalog value) in officially minted government postage stamps

• Has been working with an international network of stamp dealers for more than half of a century

• Operations are simple and effective with lean, well-trained staff

• Has a large, repeat customer base with tenure often spanning decades

• Tremendous upside and growth potential, leveraging the decades of old and direct international government alliances

Financial Note: Revenues and costs are subject to intercompany transfers not identified.


• Focus on creating a marketing team as this could double revenue in year one with potential for continued growth

• As programs are centered around famous people of the past, launching new programs around contemporary stars from television (TV), film, TikTok, and YouTube could open potential for a younger demographic

• Take advantage of the tremendous stamp inventory by monetizing a portion with bulk sales at auction

• Increase procurement capabilities with a modest increase in staffing


• Northeastern US

Current Markets

• Primarily serves international postal services across the globe. The company further serves both stamp dealers and stamp collectors by selling and creating international stamp programs. 

Real Estate

• The company leases a 6,500 sq. ft. facility in the Northeastern US from an unrelated third party. In addition to their corporate office, the company leases a 25,000 sq. ft. warehouse from an affiliate-owned LLC. The facility is currently not included in the sale.