Niche Organization Focused on Home Security and Door Security Solutions BN000038688

Midwest US
Client Code: BN000038688
Revenue (Tax Returns): $1,969,196

The company provides door security solutions and home protection products to protect and secure families and their property, providing a range of solutions to best fit each client’s application and needs. The company has a complete line of door security and repair products. The products are not only used as a security measure, but also serve as a proven method of protecting clients' investment in their property.

Key Aspects

· Niche organization focused on safe-guarding homes and property with patented door security solutions that reinforce existing doors

· With limited resources, the company developed multi-channel national distribution network to include Lowes, Menards, Amazon, Home Depot Pro, ACE, and more

· Product line provides cost effective and easy way for apartment owners and large portfolio owners to protect their assets

· Products are specifically required by Fannie Mae after a break-in has occurred

· Wide variety of innovative and clever solutions currently available

· Industry leader and pioneer with low direct competition


· Both B2B and B2C opportunities exist

· Demand for home protection products increases during economic recessions

· Great product line to enhance existing portfolio of home security and home-improvement products, among others

· National growth – the company’s revenue is concentrated regionally while products are relevant nationwide

· Large untapped markets exist nationwide due to limited exposure

· Foundation and infrastructure are in place for growth in existing market and expansion into new markets

· Expand current marketing efforts to increase brand positioning and awareness


· Southeast United States

Current Markets

· Home security and home-improvement, apartment complexes, and large portfolio property owners

Real Estate

· The company operates from a 10,000 square foot facility leased from an unrelated third party. There is room to grow in the current location.