Multi-Function Office Space Planner and Furniture Provider BN000037019

Midwest US
Business Services
Client Code: BN000037019
Revenue (Internal): $2,163,638
EBITDA (Internal): $309,485

The company is a commercial retail, office furniture installation, interior design, storage, and moving services company. The company offers commercial office planning to maximize useful space.

Key Aspects

· Established company with 15 years in the industry

· Large percentage of customers are repeat purchasers

· Excellent customer service has led to a significant volume of referrals


· Experienced staff in place for seamless transition

· Responsive, trustworthy, and clever customer solutions


· Expand sales force and create a formal marketing plan to increase


· Growth potential in existing market and expansion into new markets

· Implement new and innovative ideas for existing products


· Midwestern United States

Current Markets

· Commercial, healthcare, and education businesses who are in transition (moving, shrinking, or growing) with their office interior needs including space planning, new and used office furniture, project management, installation and reconfiguration, noise management, printing, and office remodeling

Real Estate

· The company operates from a 9,700 square foot facility leased from an unrelated third party