Frozen Dessert Franchisor

Northeast US
Consumer, Food & Retail
Client Code: BN000038242
Revenue (Combined): $3,153,145
EBITDA (Combined): $528,644

The company is a frozen dessert brand offering products such as gelato, sorbet, yogurt, shakes, and hot chocolate. The company sells its handcrafted, all-natural ingredient desserts both online and through various franchises, operating throughout the United States and internationally

Key Aspects

• Average gross profit margin of 51.7% from 2018 through 2020

• High scalability due to in-house supply chain operation

• Industry reputation for fresh, natural, visually appealing products

• Strong social media presence and brand recognition

• 21 franchise locations in the U.S. and two internationally

• Over 60 proprietary flavors & recipes

• Search engine optimized (SEO) website


• Capitalize on the company’s existing ecommerce operation and expand this growing segment with additional products

• Capitalize on the industry trend toward healthier foods, leveraging the company’s reputation for fresh and natural ingredients

• Introduce additional products in franchised stores to help attract new customers and differentiate from other dessert retailers

• Continue to expand the number of franchised locations, providing a steady, fee-based revenue stream

• Versatility of proprietary recipes allow it to be utilized in a variety of applications, including expansion into the consumer packaged-goods (CPG) market


• Northeast US

Current Markets

• The company currently serves individual consumers through in-person and ecommerce sales across the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Real Estate

• The company currently operates from a 1,000 sq. ft. office and training space, leased from an unrelated third-party, in addition to a shared warehouse space that is used on an as-needed basis.