Custom Mold Manufacturing Company

Midwest US
Industrial & Manufacturing
Client Code: BN000037561
Revenue (Internal): $8,570,509
EBITDA (Internal): $1,380,579

The company is a full-service mold manufacturing company for the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and custom molder markets. The company uses the latest technologies and automation to produce the highest quality tooling for all phases of product development and manufacturing.

Key Aspects

• State-of-the-art equipment

• Long-tenured management team

• Strategically located

• Established brand name

• 70% repeat business

• $6.5 million active contracts


• Continue expansion into higher margin medical molding market

• Contract machining equipment to outside parties to generate new streams of revenue

• Expand operating facility to increase capacity

• Reduce expenses and waste through additive manufacturing


Midwest United States

Current Markets

Automotive, medical, electric, agriculture, lawn & garden, household consumer products, hardware, and packaging.

Real Estate

The company leases its operating facility from a related party. The owner will entertain selling the building or entering into a long-term lease. There is room to grow in the current facility.