Industrial Product Development Company Specializing in Creating Robotics Technology

Southwest US
Industrial & Manufacturing; Technology, Media, Telecom & Data
Client Code: BN000037532
Revenue (TTM): $4,396,652

The company is an industrial product development company that specializes in creating robotics technology that are customized for specific needs across diverse industries. Example products include a series of robotics that automate processes in the manufacturing, food processing, and entertainment industries. Included as part of the offering is an affiliated holding company which owns the operating facility and CNC machinery.

Key Aspects

• Cutting edge robotics technology offering highly sought-after automation capabilities to end users

• Products & technology that is user-friendly, not cumbersome to maintain, and affordable

• Software design capabilities – the majority of the engineering team are software developers

• Patented innovative user interface technology

• In-house machine shop and contract manufacturing

• Products are passed prototype stage; proven the need for a premium product with multiple applications


• Increase business development efforts

• Identify target markets that historically were not considered as deriving benefit from automation due to cumbersome and time-consuming programming

• Production expected to scale with key client in 2022

• New product line launched in Q4 2021, expected to gain traction in marketplace in 2022 and beyond

• Continue to recruit top robotic engineers

• Expand product lines and offer new releases

• Expand custom engineering business, CNC machining business, and the contract manufacturing business


• Southwest US

Current Markets

• The company currently serves a diverse customer base which includes the entertainment, food processing, and manufacturing markets.

Real Estate

• The business operates from a 17,000 square-foot facility held by an affiliated entity. It can be included as part of a sale or leased to new ownership.