Premier Executive Development Firm in the Areas of Executive Coaching, Team Building, Selection Assessment, and Career Transition/Outplacement - BN000039704

Midwest US
Business Services
Client Code: BN000039704
Revenue (Compiled): $2,587,847
EBITDA (Compiled): $792,218

The company is an executive development firm with global reach delivering customized executive coaching, high-performance team building, selection assessment, and premier career transition services. The company’s work is supported by proprietary diagnostic assessments as well as proven methodologies and processes. The company has 17 experienced local executive coaches and 162 global affiliates in 36 countries. For over 40 years, the company has built a solid track record of enabling senior leaders to enhance their leadership skills and contribute significantly to their organization's growth and profitability.

Key Aspects

• A 40-year established brand serving 600+ client companies

• Top 20 clients average 8 years of tenure

• 28 new clients per year on average for the past five years

• Highly-customized solutions ensuring repeat business

• Extensive intellectual property based on thought leadership

• Seasoned executive coaches with diverse C-suite backgrounds

• Leadership programs and in-house coach certification

• Well-positioned versus competition

• Significant opportunities for growth


• Commercialize the company’s proprietary assessment tool

• Roll-out pre-hire screening process to existing clients minimizing costs of mis-hires

• Expand executive coaching to new domestic/global clients by virtually following relationships

• Increase the number and type of engagements with current clients

• Accelerate program offerings to additional clients including onboarding coaching, new team assimilation, mentor training, succession planning, and board of directors practice


Midwest United States

Current Markets

The company serves public, private, and private equity-backed global Fortune 50 to mid-cap companies. Clients represent 88 diverse industries in the service, manufacturing, and distribution sectors. The company's clients in the high-growth healthcare, biotech, and medical device fields account for 53% of its sales.

Real Estate

Headquartered in a leased Class A office and lake complex, the company is transitioning to a remote working environment and does not expect rent to continue after the lease expires in November 2022.