Multi-Location Wing-Focused Restaurant Concept in Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas, US
Client Code: BN000039889
Revenue (Internal): $26,251,739
EBITDA (Internal): $1,654,115

The offering consists of a multi-location, full-service, wing-focused restaurant and bar concept providing a variety of menu options and drinks in a relaxed environment.

Key Aspects
  • Total net revenue of $26.2 million for 2023
  • Established brand with multiple store locations with high visibility along busy highways & thoroughfares
  • High quality food and award-winning customer service
  • Strong management team in place capable of leading the company into the future
  • Expand to other metro areas throughout Texas
  • Continue introducing creative new items for customers to further expand menu
  • Opportunity to franchise and scale with a turnkey, replicable brand already recognizable in the Houston area
  • Focus on bar aspect of restaurant to draw more sports fans
  • Team with fans groups to make locations the official bar of certain teams for gamedays
  • Houston, Texas
Current Markets
  • The company serves customers throughout Houston, Texas and its surrounding areas
Real Estate
  • The company operates from multiple locations of varying sizes in and around Houston, Texas which are leased from various sources including 16 from unrelated third parties, and one owned by the company which is expected to be leased to new ownership. All leases are assumable by new ownership.