Industry-leading Software Company Providing Solutions for the Electric Utilities Market Relating to International Standards - BN000040700

Midwest US
Business Services; Energy & Power; Technology, Media, Telecom & Data
Client Code: BN000040700
Revenue (Compiled): $3,123,983
EBITDA (Compiled): $152,848

The company delivers solutions, products, and services for the electric utility industry by enabling support for open international standards. The company has solutions installed and is operational in thousands of live power systems on six continents, enabling resilient, high-performance power system applications using widely-adopted international standards. The company’s protocol libraries are used in devices by all major vendors.

Key Aspects

• Industry leader in power systems communication protocols, including IEC 60870-6 and IEC 61850

• Leading off-the-shelf products and source code provider for open standards-based electrical utility communications

• Powerful and flexible analytic platform that enables the development of advanced solutions

• Influential involvement in standards development

• Excellent product quality and quality control

• Outstanding customer support

• Lean operations

• Low employee turnover


• Increase standards-based consulting services for the IEC 61850 standard that is rapidly being adopted in the U.S. and for the Common Information Model that is being rapidly adopted in Europe

• Company's existing intellectual property enables efficient development of advanced utility modernization solutions

• Derive solid baseline income from a set of mature core products and associated consulting and support services

Current Markets

Electric utility companies, suppliers, vendors

Real Estate

The company operates from a 10,000 sq. ft. facility it purchased in 2010. There is room to grow in the current location, which is about 50% occupied. The company is in the process of selling this facility and will lease back a portion needed for operations. Management indicates that most employees are currently working remotely and eventually the company will transition to a 100% remote working environment.