Respected, High-Ranking Staffing Firm for Administrative and Executive Assistants BN000041101

Midwest US
Business Services
Client Code: BN000041101
Revenue (Internal): $4,015,355
EBITDA (Internal): $976,702

The company is a boutique staffing firm located in the Midwest that specializes in administrative and executive assistant roles in the Midwest and other metropolitan areas.

Key Aspects

· Veteran in the field with 30 years of specific experience

· Numerous long-term relationships with top regional companies

· Highest reviewed and rated staffing firm in the area on review websites

· Substantial 30-year database of job candidates


· Capitalize on high volume of candidates not currently being recruited by staffing companies

· Expand into other major cities

· Hire additional staff to expand operations


· Midwestern United States

Real Estate

· The company operates remotely and from a 160 square foot facility with additional communal space leased from an unrelated third party.