Aerial Advertising Service Provider

Northeast US
Business Services; Transportation
Client Code: BN000042110
Revenue (TTM): $3,486,393
EBITDA (TTM): $609,952

The company is an aerial advertising service provider offering custom aerial billboards, letter banners, and blimp advertising, with a focus on commercial clients. The company primarily serves the Eastern US, with full continental US service capabilities available. The company performs maintenance in-house and utilizes a proprietary application (app) to monitor and manage flights.

Key Aspects

• Revenue and adjusted EBITDA grew at compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) of 26.6% and 47.9%, respectively, from 2019 through the trailing[1]twelve-months (TTM) ending May 31, 2022

• Average gross profit (GP) margin of 49.6% from 2019 through the TTM ending May 31, 2022

• Proprietary in-house mobile app

• Strong reputation in the industry

• Owned assets in seven states and employ vetted vendors in 10 additional states

• No long-term debt as of May 31, 2022

• Working affiliations with multiple Northeast US airports

• In-house fleet of airplanes

Financial Note: Revenues and costs are subject to intercompany transfers not identified. Financial information presented is from one entity.


• Produce custom banners and billboards in-house

• Expand hangar locations into the Central and Western US regions

• Capitalize on the growing demand for aircraft maintenance services

• Capitalize on the company's proprietary, industry-leading app

• Leverage reputation to increase personal banner services 


• Northeast US 

Current Markets

• The company owns and operates assets in seven states and employs vetted vendors in 12 additional states, with a focus on the Eastern US, servicing a variety of commercial clients across multiple industries, advertising agencies, and individual clients. 

Real Estate

• The company has operations in two states, encompassing an office, maintenance facility, and six hangars totaling 17,700 sq. ft. Two hangars have long-term land leases in which the owner owns the improvements until 2032. All locations are leased from unrelated third parties.