USDA Certified Meat Processing Company

Southwest US
Consumer, Food & Retail
Client Code: BN000042267
Revenue (YTD): $485,754
EBITDA (YTD): $41,352

The company is a USDA federally inspected custom meat processing business. The company provides high-quality processing of beef, pork, sheep, and goat. They provide services to ranchers and growers, restaurants, and retail outlets, and individuals raising livestock.

Key Aspects

Key Aspects:

• Positioned to capitalize on consumers' growing interest in buying locally raised, high-quality meat products from sources they know

• Well-maintained facility with modern equipment, technology, and leading methods for meat processing

• The company's location attracts ranchers and growers from around the state, who market meat direct to consumers

• USDA Grant of Inspection attracts ranchers and growers interested in selling products beyond the state boundaries to anywhere in the US and creates customer confidence in the quality standards provided by the company

• Software platform for meat processing allows the company to track internal production processes and provides customers with confidence about how their orders are overseen 



• Advantageous market due to growing trend for ranchers and growers to build direct to consumer businesses versus the traditional model of selling to feedlots

• The break down in the supply chain is limiting the availability of meat choices in grocery stores resulting in increased demand for local meat

• Growing concern among consumers that the big four meat processors control more than 85% of the market, which is creating demand for more local, independent meat processors

• Increased demand as consumers are exercising their buying power to lower costs by buying local meat from local sources

• Leverage the increasing trend of markets and restaurants utilizing the marketing power of offering local meat products

• Maximize facility capacity with additional shifts



• Texas, U.S.

Current Markets

Current Markets:

• The company serves small and medium sized ranchers and growers with high-quality processing and packaging of products it sells to customers, as well as, individuals raising livestock. Customers are located throughout the states of Texas and Oklahoma.

Real Estate

Real Estate:

• The company operates from an approximate 15,000 square foot facility. There is room to grow the facility at its current location, and the property and building are included in the sale.