Industry-Leading Scrap Metal Processor with Equipment for Significant Growth BN000043191

Midwest US
Construction; Environmental, Waste & Recycling
Client Code: BN000043191
Revenue (Internal): $20,520,821
EBITDA (Internal): $665,753

The company is a scrap metal recycling facility with 35 years of experience buying, trading, and selling many types of metal. The company offers a full suite of services for customers from retail and industrial businesses to traders and sellers of scrap metal.


The company has two divisions for sale: a metals division and a PGM (catalytic converters) division. The company has a third division, the plastics division, which is not for sale.

Key Aspects

· Strong attention to detail and strategic capital investments enable the company to continue to expand

· Top-quality equipment that is nearly all new or newly-rebuilt

· Experienced, capable leadership team with 40+ combined years of scrap metal experience

· Strategic location provides preferable wage market, limited competition, and access to many ferrous and non-ferrous consumers

· Holds a list of over 6,000 unique suppliers


· Expand and grow non-ferrous wholesale business through consolidation and additional material processing

· Add rail service to access stronger markets outside the region

· Grow the catalytic converter business through strategic sourcing and more field agents

· Partner with local manufacturing company to vertically integrate the business


· Midwestern United States

Current Markets

· Purchasers, traders, and sellers of scrap metal and recycled plastics.

Real Estate

· The company operates from a 70,000 square foot facility leased from an affiliated entity with an additional 5.4 acres of property. There is room to grow in the current location, which is about 70% occupied. The owner is open to a sale of the real estate or a lease agreement.