Profitable Site Development Construction Company in One of the Nation’s Fastest Growing Markets

Florida, US
Commercial Construction; Residential Construction; Engineering Services
Client Code: BN000044018
Revenue (Compiled): $212,558,246
EBITDA (Compiled): $59,909,248

Site development construction company in one of the nation's fastest growing markets with significant investments in modern technologies, vehicles, equipment, and in-house training programs resulting in disciplined bidding, constant margins, and steady growth across economic cycles.

Key Aspects

• Founded just over a decade ago by the current operators and has grown rapidly by combining over 30 years of industry expertise with modern best practices

• Young and energetic workforce close to 500 full-time non-union employees as well as an established career progression program to help identify and develop the next layer of leadership

• Prioritizes on-time, under-budget delivery and fosters strong partnerships with engineering firms & developers, ensuring smooth project collaboration even when challenges arise

• Customer retention is a testament to the company’s ability to deliver quality results and ensures it is less dependent on winning new work, allowing it to be more selective and maintain industry leading profit margins

• Proven ability to handle the largest site development projects (upwards of $50m) in its market with typical project size ranging from $5m to $15m

  • Expand into other lines of business:Additional DOT & infrastructure projects (ramping up)
  • Maintenance contracts for finished projects
  • Storm response, recovery, and cleanup work
  • Military contracting
  • Increase geographical footprint into additional, high growth locations.
  • Bid & win contracts for aging infrastructure projects (i.e. underground/above-ground utility systems)
  • Become the ‘site developer of choice’ for rapidly growing, large corporations that are building multiple locations in the company’s existing market.
  • Acquire firms that specialize in different aspects of the project lifecycle to bring those services in-house and become a one stop shop for the entire project
  • HeavyBid: Used to estimate job costs and bid effectively
  • HeavyJob: Project Management Software


Current Markets
  • In 2023, Florida’s population grew by 1.6% to 22,610,726, overtaking New York to become the nation’s third most populated state.
  • In 2022 Florida was home to 9 of the 50 (18%) fastest-growing cities in terms of housing units authorized per the U.S. census.
  • The high interest rate environment has proven to be a boom for new home construction projects as existing homeowners with low interest rate mortgages are not willing to move, decreasing the available housing inventory – creating opportunities for developers.The Fed has recently signaled a rise in the longer term ‘neutral rate’ which will make this an ongoing consideration for the construction industry
Real Estate
  • The company operates from approximately 10,000 sq/ft of office and 22,000 sq/ft of shop/warehouse space on 9-10 acres, that is owned by a related entity and is available for lease or purchase.
  • The shop proficiently manages equipment and vehicle repairs across a wide spectrum, except for those cases where dealership services offer a more cost-effective solution.