Recruiting Firm Specializing in Salaried Personnel Placement - BN000045305

Midwest United States
Business Services
Client Code: BN000045305
Revenue (TTM): $2,374,164
EBITDA (TTM): $1,201,476

The company is made up of two recruiting companies that identify and recruit salaried personnel for clients. There are two separate companies that operate internally as a single business. One company operates exclusively in the manufacturing industry and the other company is industry agnostic. The salaried personnel hired need minimal training and onboarding when beginning a new job due to their familiarity in the industry and past experiences.

Key Aspects

• Niche marketing program with omni-present social media presence, coupled with a innovative website that drives business development

• Database containing information of over 25,000 possible candidates to recruit for open positions

• The company has been in operation for over 17 years and has recruited for over 500 companies

• Employees operate primarily on commission leading to high performance


• Establish a process of following-up with some of the 500 former clients that have had a positive experience with the company in order to drive sales and generate repeat revenue

• Optimize an onboarding plan to get newly hired recruiters up-to-speed quickly in order to support growth and scale up

• Develop and track metrics and other data points in order to improve the efficiency of employees and the business

Current Markets

• The company primarily serves the plastics, construction, automotive, medical products, packaging, consumer product, lawn and garden, and recycling industries

Real Estate

• The company operates remotely and does not own or rent any real estate