Outpatient Recovery Program and Structured Residential Housing

Northeast US
Business Services; Healthcare; Real Estate, Lodging & Leisure
Client Code: BN000045374
Revenue (Internal): $2,644,994
EBITDA (Internal): $858,358

The company is an intensive outpatient programs (IOP) focused on addiction treatments. The company offers day treatment, group therapy, one-on-one counseling, case management, and structured residential housing.

Key Aspects

• Revenue grew at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 119.2% from 2019 through 2022

• Achieved an adjusted EBITDA margin of 28.6% from 2021 through 2022

• The company accepts out-of-state patients

• Residents and non-residents can utilize all services offered

• IOP services are immediate and have no wait times

• Company staff is composed of expert licensed therapists

• Licensed with several large insurance companies and Medicaid.


• Expand service offerings and hours of operation to reach more potential patients

• Bring medical billing in-house to reduce expenses

• Increase marketing to out-of-state clinical stabilization services (CSS) and hospitals to reach more potential patients 


• Northeast, US 

Real Estate

• The company operates from three day treatment facilities and seven structured residential houses. Two treatment facilities and seven homes are owned by an affiliated entity, which is expected to be included in the sale. The third treatment facility is leased from an unrelated third party.