Luxury Kitchenware and Cook Tool Supply Company BN000045395

Northeast US
Consumer, Food & Retail
Client Code: BN000045395
Revenue (TTM): $22,119,101
EBITDA (TTM): $2,960,651

The company is a kitchenware and cooking tools supplier, specialized in high-end exclusive products. The company's business model has been structured to have a sizable online presence and conduct sales throughout various digital platforms. The company also operates in various brick and mortar stores in the Northeast United States.

Key Aspects

· The company has a diverse customer portfolio, avoiding major customer concentrations and maintaining stable revenue streams

· Highly efficient and adaptable supply chain processes

· Strong supplier network allowing the company to maintain a competitive cost structure

· Top of the line product quality alongside elite brand-name kitchenware merchandise

· Prime retail locations and an experienced sales workforce


· New variety of appliances and potential new exclusive knife block set on market before the end of 2023

· Expand product portfolio by introducing new, innovative, and customizable products

· Increase brand presence and awareness in the e-commerce industry by incorporating other selling platforms

· Open retail facilities and warehouses in new geographic regions in order to reach additional markets and increase sales

· Fully transition operations into e-commerce allowing the company to maintain higher profit margins and reduce expenses


· Northeast United States

Current Markets

· The company mainly serves consumers seeking to purchase sophisticated kitchenware nationally

Real Estate

· The company operates a 15,000 sq. ft. warehouse leased from a related entity. The company also operates in two different retail facilities which are leased from an unrelated third party.