Software Development Company with Proprietary Trademarked Suite

Southwest US
Client Code: BN000045581
Revenue (Internal): $1,684,300
EBITDA (Internal): $287,300

The company specializes in software development, focusing on providing advanced AI-powered solutions for medical coding and claims adjustment. The products are designed to enhance operational efficiency in both accounts receivable and accounts payable processes. Moreover, these solutions cater to the specific requirements of management, ensuring federal and state regulatory compliance.

Key Aspects
  • Operating for decades, with several long-term clients in the medical claims payment space
  • Trademarked software offerings with highly-trusted industry brand name
  • Annual software contracts provide ongoing revenue streams with minimal capital investment
  • Strong balance sheet with over $1 million in total assets and zero long-term liabilities
  • Software easily integrates into existing systems and can complement other software suites
  • Provide software contracts in a SaaS model to generate monthly recurring revenues
  • Recently launched new software offering has high potential for rapid scaling, according to ownership
  • Growth in long-term recurring revenue opportunities with new installations of software offerings
  • Remote operations can save on operational costs as well as third-party training expenses
  • Southwest US
Current Markets
  • The company serves clients in the medical insurance billing and claims market including healthcare providers, health plan administrators, billing specialists, and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) vendors throughout the United States.
Real Estate
  • The company operates from a 2,800 square-foot facility leased from an unrelated third party. The facility lease is transferrable to new ownership. The company can operate on a fully remote basis, according to ownership.