Title Insurance and Escrow Services Agency - BN000047487

Southern United States
Business Services; Financial; Real Estate, Lodging & Leisure
Client Code: BN000047487
Revenue (Internal): $1,832,345
EBITDA (Internal): $187,610

The company is a full-service title insurance agency providing title and escrow services for commercial and residential real estate transactions. An experienced staff including in-office attorneys, closing officers, preclosing officers, and file coordinators provide a premium service for each real estate transaction where the company's services are required.

Key Aspects

• The company is led by experienced attorneys who are experts in the industry and focus on providing premier services in real estate transactions

• Licenses to provide title insurance in three states allows the company to geographically diversify its client portfolio

• Ability to service both buyers and sellers as well as residential and commercial clients often leads to referrals and repeat business from clients


• Geographic expansion with the opportunity to increase the company’s market share and increase diversification of the client portfolio

• State-of-the-art technologies utilized across the closing and escrow services

• Expand services offered to create cross-sell opportunities

• Opportunity to leverage the company’s reputable brand name on a national platform

Current Markets

• The company serves residential and commercial clients involved in real estate transactions in the Southeast US.

Real Estate

• The company operates from three offices located in two states. All three offices are leased from unrelated third parties.