Full-Service Staffing Company

Business Services; Industrial & Manufacturing; Transportation
Client Code: BN000050753
Revenue (Tax Returns): $6,888,438
EBITDA (Tax Returns): $737,286

The company is a full-service staffing agency that delivers customized solutions based on client needs. The company offers temp-to-hire, temporary placements, and direct hire employees, with a focus on the transportation and manufacturing industries. The company additionally provides services such as candidate screening, employer services, and payroll services.

Key Aspects

• The company’s revenue has grown at a compound annual growth rate of 104.4% from 2020 to 2022

• Management notes that 95% of the company’s revenue is derived from repeat clients in 2022

• The company is highly regarded for its accurate candidate match rates, which reduces employee turnover for clients

• The company prides itself on being a true asset to clients, establishing a strong reputation in the area through high-quality staffing services


• Expand operations geographically to reach new clients across the U.S. and California

• Increase marketing to capitalize on search engine optimization, social media marketing, and general advertising

• The company is positioned to begin staffing clients within additional industries and markets


• California

Current Markets

• The company serves clients across all industries within its local region in California with the capacity to expand throughout the surrounding states

Real Estate

• The company operates on a fully remote bases with ownership having previous utilized a leased office space until August 2023