Business Consulting Firm Specializing in the Healthcare Industry BN000045836

Northeast US
Business Services; Healthcare
Client Code: BN000045836
Revenue (TTM): $3,217,119
EBITDA (TTM): $358,776

The company provides training, market research, and instructional design services in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and healthcare industries. They specialize in ensuring their client's customer facing teams (to include Market Access, Sales, Medical Science Liaisons, Field Reimbursement, and Health Economics and Outcomes Research) have the market knowledge and business skills to consistently gain access to key customer stakeholders and proactively engage them in a conversation designed to uncover their critical issues in the era of Quintuple Aim.

Key Aspects

· The company provides it clients with proven processes in order to maximize business efficiencies and give the highest probability of securing a favorable outcome

· Established portfolios with various training programs

· Experienced staff with extensive industry-specific knowledge

· The company provides a wide array of customizable training and educational programs to maximize employee efficiency

· Customized instructional design services including modeling simulation & blended reality solutions

· In-house learning model which has been a powerful and innovative tool

· The company is currently working with 52 pharmaceutical and biotech companies, including 14 of the top 25 largest


· Open training facilities in new geographic regions in order to improve efficiency and convenience to clients when traveling to in-person training sessions

· Conference presentations for market research programs to promote annual subscriptions

· Increase the number of independent contractors who generate large number of revenue with less working time due to their advanced network capabilities

· Diversify product subscriptions within the company's large client pool

· New market research product anticipated to reach the market before the end of 2023


· Northeast United States

Current Markets

· The company currently services the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical, device, and healthcare industries both domestically and internationally

Real Estate

· The company operates from a 3,000 sq. ft. facility owned by a related entity and the owner would entertain selling the property