Consulting Company in the Dental Industry - BN000045857

Midwest United States
Business Services; Healthcare; Technology, Media, Telecom & Data
Client Code: BN000045857
Revenue (TTM): $3,164,479
EBITDA (TTM): $1,563,518

The company is a revenue cycle management company in the dental industry that performs fee negotiations, billing and claims, and in-office membership plan software. The company also provides support services through a monthly retainer.

Key Aspects

• Niche organization focused on optimizing its client’s revenue in the dental industry

• Continuous and stable year-over-year revenue growth

• The company is highly regarded in the dental industry, and management indicates it is one of the best companies in the industry for negotiating with insurance companies

• A very strong management team is already in place

• Employees have developed the skills and expertise for the dental insurance industry to provide the highest quality services


• Increase its marketing capacity through search engine optimization (SEO) of its website

• Begin taking on Dental Support Organizations (DSOs) as clients

• Create a fee for service profits division, as well as offer other services to become a full-service arm for dental offices

• Develop and market training materials and seminars

Current Markets

• The company provides consulting services to clients in the dental industry across the United States

Real Estate

• The company is fully remote