General Contracting, Maintenance, and Repair Provider for Residential and Commercial Properties

Pacific Northwest
Commercial Construction; Business & Professional Services
Client Code: BN000046319
Revenue (TTM): $3,909,265
EBITDA (TTM): $286,569

The company provides overall repair, maintenance, remodeling, permitting, general contracting, and turnover services for commercial and residential properties, with a focus on the multi-family residential market.

Key Aspects

· In-house staff includes fully licensed & bonded trade specialists for electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and turnovers

· Internal account managers act as points of contact for clients and hold specific knowledge of account history. An in-house code consultant assists with navigating permits and regulatory agencies

· Thorough complimentary bid process garners clear breakout of tasks and materials on rapid timeframes and within budgets

· Emergency service availability on a 24-hour basis


· Advance geographic expansion throughout the Pacific Northwest with the growing marketplace and increased housing need.

· Add new Design-Build capabilities to take advantage of new property zoning for increased density in Seattle and Portland.

· Leverage the existing client portfolio to garner new projects and follow up work on executed jobs.


· Pacific Northwest

Current Markets

· The company serves property managers and private landlords with rental housing commercial properties as well as the general public with private residences. Additionally, the company services non-residential clients with tenant improvements, retail, hospitality, and restaurant facilities.

Real Estate

· The company operates from a 3,000 square-foot residence, designated as C-1 zoning and utilized solely for business purposes, leased from an affiliated entity. Ownership is open to the operating property being part of a transaction or leasing it post-sale. Management notes that the company is relocatable.