Creating the keys to unlock the Fourth Industrial Revolution, this worldwide solutions provider in the IIOT market delivers continuous measurement and condition monitoring products and related software for harsh, remote environments

Worldwide distribution with manufacturing in Australia and the United States.
Business & Professional Services; Consumer Durables
Client Code: BN000046638
Revenue (Actual): $5,873,880
EBITDA (Actual): $2,065,955

Bridging the physical and digital worlds, this industrial sensor business is driven by research and development of award-winning products designed to increase operational efficiency, reduce unplanned downtime, and increase throughput in harsh environments including the mining, oil and gas, power generation, chemical processing, and water/wastewater markets. 

Key Aspects

World leading, high-performance technologies with multiple communications options that provide consistent, reliable and accurate measurement

As the digital world is expanding exponentially to replicate the physical world, the need for accurate measurement grows

Wide range of proprietary sensors which utilize acoustic wave, microwave, sonar, radar and laser methodologies.

First guided wave radar (GWR) product on market that is powered entirely by its connection to a powered network switch and does not require a secondary power source.

vHigh quality measurement without the additional installation and energy costs of other GWR products on the market

Proprietary fiber optic system for sensing vibration, strain and temperature variations over significant distances on oil and gas pipelines, conveyor systems and for perimeter security

vCost effective measurement system that not only monitors for system failures, but also for collision avoidance, thus saving lives

All sensors are IP addressable and capable of remote commissioning and monitoring on the company’s proprietary software platform from anywhere in the world.

Specific compensative measurement tailored for each customer based on temperature, pressure, humidity, specific gravity, material density, and clarity

Control boards are designed in house and manufactured by third parties to exacting specifications

ISO 9001:2015 Certified manufacturing facility

Total addressable IIOT global market is estimated by Grand View Research to be USD 321.8 billion in 2022 with an expected CAGR of 23.2% from 2023 to 2030


Great capability for this unique business to grow and thrive to become a significant world player in technology-based solutions for multiple industries

Accelerate research and development of sensors for use in high pressure and high temperature environments

Automate manufacturing of certain products to mass produce at lower cost

Build out a more robust sales and marketing effort

Additional sales engineers and product managers in large markets

Establish an aggressive marketing program to educate specifying engineers and owner-operators about the benefits of the company’s products

Attendance at industry specific conferences where opportunities to present white papers and for speaking engagements are available

Develop recurring revenue streams from calibration services and monitoring/ maintenance contracts

Offer incentives for distributors to more aggressively sell the company’s products in their respective markets

Increase the market presence of the products by obtaining additional international certifications


The company’s Australian manufacturing plant is approximately 900 square meters and is owned by a related entity. The property may be purchased as part of the business acquisition or continued to be leased. 

The United States manufacturing facility is approximately 1,000 square meters and is leased from an unrelated entity.

Current Markets

The company operates in a segment of this market for measurement and monitoring of products and operations, respectively, for multiple industries, including:


Oil & Gas

Water & Wastewater

Agriculture & Forestry

Pulp & Paper

Chemical Processing

Metal smelting

The company has an established global network of distributors, manufacturer’s representatives, and automation service organizations.