Consulting Services for Professional Employer Organizations

Southern, U.S.
Business & Professional Services
Client Code: BN000047667
Revenue (Combined): $2,417,218
EBITDA (Combined): $82,928

The offering consists of three separate entities working in conjunction, one acts as a brokerage selecting Professional Employer Organizations (PEO), the second provides guidance for wide-ranging specialized insurance plans, and the third contributes outsourced human resource services to business clients.

Key Aspects
  • Multiple revenue streams through the emerging ancillary entities and an already established client base
  • Lucrative franchise referral system consistently garnering new business activity
  • Stringent selection criteria, internal research & vetting, and negotiation of bids conducted with all end providers
  • All services include ongoing comprehensive support and consultations to ensure the best provider selections
  • More than 19 years industry of experience with approximately 75 irrevocable service agreements in place
  • Continued expansion to client businesses throughout the United States
  • Increase the scale and scope of the Firm beyond small to mid-size businesses to larger organizations with essential PEO administrative needs
  • Augment the Firm's activities with synergies via a planned credit card merchant service entity still in development
  • Expansion to new insurance case designs and servicing segments, both nationally and internationally
  • Southern, U.S.
Current Markets
  • The Firm offers consulting and brokerage services related to PEO, insurance, and human resource provider selections for small to mid-size business clients throughout the United States.
Real Estate
  • The Firm operates from a 2,500 square-foot office space, and leased from an unaffiliated third party. The lease is assumable by new ownership or staff could operate completely remotely in the future.