Subscription-Based Recruiting Company

Remote, USA
Business & Professional Products
Client Code: BN000048461
Revenue (TTM): $2,071,165
EBITDA (TTM): $710,627

The offering consists of a subscription-based recruiting company providing qualified candidates to clients in a variety of industries.

Key Aspects
  • Exceptional growth since the foundation of the company
  • Unique subscription-based model for clients' regular recruiting and executive search needs
  • Profitable since the first year of operations with continual high growth
  • Strong leadership committed to the growth of the company
  • Subscription-based model with 98% of client contracts regularly renewing
  • Diverse client base across many industries provides protection against a market downturn
  • Develop technology to eliminate the need for a third-party software vendors
  • Add recruiters to expand the breadth of the talent pool
  • Increase business development staff to allow for additional clients
  • Branch into additional client industries including logistics and industrial talent placements
  • Vertical integration into temporary staffing to generate additional recurring revenue
  • Remote, USA
Current Markets
  • The company serves a variety of industries, including healthcare, business services, IT, manufacturing, and real estate across the United States.