Ready-mix Concrete Company with Multiple Locations - BM001494

Midwest US
Construction; Transportation
Client Code: BM001494
Revenue (Internal): $6,770,187
EBITDA (Internal): $1,037,568

The company manufactures and delivers ready-mix concrete from multiple locations in the Midwest. The company also provides building materials, gravel, sand, stones, topsoil, masonry, finishing tools, boots, wire mesh and concrete sealers.

Key Aspects

• Strategically located

• Over 70 years in the industry

• Loyal customer base

• Highly recognized name

• Quality product and great reputation

• Experienced staff in place for seamless transition


• Growth potential in existing market and expansion into new markets

• Capture additional wallet share within existing customer base

• Open additional locations to increase market share

• Expand the geographic operational area to capture unrealized market share

• Diversify product line to expand market potential

Current Markets

• Contractors, homeowners, business, and municipalities in need of concrete and building materials

Real Estate

The company operates from 3 locations spread out over 2 counties in a Midwestern State. Each facility is set up to produce and transport wet cement, while in close enough proximity to share trucks, equipment, and personnel as needed. The facilities will be included in the sale.