Experienced Steel Erector and Miscellaneous Steel Fabricator Capable of Satisfying Varying Project Demands Across Multiple Building Types, Including Tilt-Up Construction.

Southeast, US
Client Code: BN000051545
Revenue (TTM): $48,227,266
EBITDA (TTM): $8,240,590

The company is staffed and equipped to provide steel erection services for multiple building types, including data centers, distribution warehouses, educational facilities, and industrial manufacturing plants. In-house fabrication capabilities allow the company to further differentiate itself by making miscellaneous steel and finishing components such as stairs and handrails.

Key Aspects
  • Generate additional revenue (Management has estimated approximately $6M for CY2024)
  • Mitigate interruptions from third parties on the company’s scheduled deliverables
  • Satisfy the demonstrated preference of clients to sole source erection and miscellaneous steel fabrication services
  • Workforce of extensively trained employees, strategically dispersed in the mid to eastern U.S.
  • Easily deployable to various project locations
  • Project teams include certified welders
  • In-house AWS Certified Welding Qualifier
  • 1 to 2 designated safety employees assigned to each project
  • Historical EMR of 0.72.

• Strengthen internal growth strategy by dedicating select operational employees to sales and outreach as the majority of awarded projects are won from inbound invitations to bid

• Implement an automation strategy for each miscellaneous steel fabrication shop to increase capacity and throughput

• Strategic add-on acquisition with the potential to generate a competitive advantage in the following:

• The fragmented fabrication industry, with over 1,000 Certified Fabricators per AISC

• Construction market for general contractors


Southeast, US

Current Markets

Fabricated structural steel erector servicing the industrial, commercial, municipal and multi-family construction markets.

Potential Markets
  • Government contracting work, including military
  • Large-scale infrastructure projects
  • Sports & entertainment venues
  • Maritime & aviation applications
Real Estate
  • 1 central office
  • 2 fabrication facilities
  • 1 satellite location