Full-Service Engineering and Construction Firm - BN000051874

Midwest United States
Construction; Education & Government
Client Code: BN000051874
Revenue (Audited): $21,692,208
EBITDA (Audited): $3,019,273

The Company is a full-service engineering and construction firm. The Company’s engineering services focus on civil engineering with specialties in transportation, structural, geotechnical, environmental, land development, and construction inspection. The Company's construction services specialize in subcontractor work for heavy highway construction. The Company is a well-known regional brand and operates from six locations throughout the Midwestern United States.

Key Aspects

• Increasing revenue each year over the last four years while maintaining stable direct costs has led to strong gross profit margins averaging 39.4% from 2020 to 2023

• Strong company culture minimizes employee turnover allowing the Company to develop and cultivate skilled and qualified engineers

• Multiple service offerings available spanning the lifecycle of a project


• Expand operations geographically to penetrate new markets and expand the client base

• Develop a marketing and sales approach aimed at increasing the Company’s name recognition nationally

• Source top-tier talent to support the high-quality services being offered 


• Midwest United States

Current Markets

• The Company primarily serves cities, counties, states, the federal government, and other engineering firms across the United States

Real Estate

• The Company operates from six facilities leased from unrelated third parties

• Management indicates the leases of all six facilities are assumable under new ownership