Tableware Manufacturer for Commercial and Direct End Customers

United States
Business & Professional Products
Client Code: BN000052799
Revenue (TTM): $4,608,628
EBITDA (TTM): $1,061,470

The Company is a manufacturer and distributor of customizable tableware products to restaurant & hospitality enterprises acquiring large volume bulk orders and direct customers.

Key Aspects
  • Company held intellectual property assets, registered historic trade names, production processes, and proprietary patterns & material formulas
  • Rapid in-house production with high or low order minimum ability from a U.S. based facility
  • Manufacturing may accommodate increased production at all six of the factory's designated production centers
  • Key networks with suppliers and industry distributors
  • Private label manufacturing ability for direct end users with their own brand names
  • A recurring production agreement in place with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) valid to 2025
  • Further investments in warehouse space for inventory growth, advanced equipment, and a sales & marketing team to fuel future growth and online sales
  • Expansion sales to small to medium food services businesses wanting durability and customization wishing to shift to on-shore rapidly sourced products
  • Bolster online presence, e-commerce product placements, and advertising
  • Augment the already established private label ability
  • United States
Current Markets
  • The Company provides a wide array of tableware to commercial food service businesses and direct customers throughout the United States as well as internationally.
Real Estate
  • The Company operates from a 32,000 square-foot factory which is held by an affiliated entity. The owners would prefer to lease the location post-sale but would consider a sale of the operating real estate in the sale.