Experiential Marketing Agency

Southeast US
Business Services; Technology, Media, Telecom & Data
Client Code: BN000055026
Revenue (Internal): $33,653,613
EBITDA (Internal): $23,638,150

The Company is an industry-leading Experiential Marketing Agency that produces marquee live experiential marketing events, custom celebrity music performances, and large-scale, immersive brand experiences, working directly with global Fortune 500 corporations and large private companies. The Company specializes in blending physical and virtual environments, integrating a panoply of theatrical and technical elements to create stunning, bespoke experiences that immerse, engage, entertain, and deliver indelibly on the client’s core messages.

Key Aspects

• Average adjusted gross profit margin of 47.7% from 2021 to 2023

• The Company is a multidisciplinary, single-source producer of private experiential marketing events

• Caliber and scope of events produced generate high client satisfaction levels and repeat business

• Industry leader with deep expertise and longstanding relationships in the creative, production, hospitality, entertainment, and logistics disciplines

• Operates with an agile, asset-light model that scales to match the scope, budget, timeframe, and ROI for each client’s project

• Delivers exceptional event executions and service under even the most demanding circumstances relative to timeframe and complexity, while maximizing client ROI

• Maintains and directs a network of award-winning experts for project implementation — industry-leading creative, design, production, scenic, technical, and events talent

• Owns substantial intellectual property (IP) including proprietary processes in sales, creative development, project management, technical applications, finance, and legal services


• Capitalize on the untapped growth potential of the experiential marketing industry ($660 billion by 2030) through acquisition of an award-winning, high-growth industry leader

• Enhance project profitability by leveraging the Company's internal sales team and unique strategies for effective upselling

• Leverage the Company's underutilized service capabilities, which, according to management, can be natively expanded by 75% with minimal capital investment

• Cross-pollinate client lists to breach new markets


• Southeast, US

Current Markets

• The Company provides experiential marketing and event services for private events to large corporations across a variety of industries globally