Distributor and Installer of Solar-Powered Chemical Injection Systems

Southwest US
Client Code: BN000055189
Revenue (TTM): $24,728,162
EBITDA (TTM): $3,178,514

The Company is a turnkey distributor and installer of dependable, solar-powered chemical injection systems for the oil & gas industry. The Company also offers maintenance services on the provided systems.

Key Aspects
  • Comprehensive software application in place which assists clients and chemical company technicians with field system management and system failure reporting
  • Integral connections and excellent reputation within the oil industry gained through quality, timely, and consistent delivery of high-demand products and services
  • Strategic location within the Southwest US and proximity to multiple shale formations
  • Unique offering of both maintenance services and system sales & installation
  • Continue to build and lease out additional mobile trailer units, which ownership contends are in high demand
  • Source manufactured products from overseas to expand product offerings
  • Develop proprietary software application further to include full inventory management system capabilities
  • Open additional satellite locations in key areas to decrease the cost of travel and increase profit margins
  • Initiate a marketing campaign and establish a presence on social media to increase brand awareness in industry
  • Expand into installing Bitcoin mining equipment, which the Company is uniquely situated to capitalize on, according to ownership
  • Southwestern US
Current Markets
  • The Company serves oil & gas industry clients in the Southwest US.
Real Estate
  • The Company operates from seven facilities. Three are held by the Company and two are held by an affiliated entity; these five properties may be included in a sale or leased post-sale. The two remaining properties are leased from unrelated third parties, and the leases are assumable by new ownership.