Vertically Aligned, Multi-Faceted Agricultural Enterprise

Western US
Client Code: BN000055389
Revenue (Draft): $18,520,383
EBITDA (Draft): $1,846,790

The offering includes four vertically integrated entities working both collectively and independently. The first is a long established family farm that buys, processes, and packages dry edible beans and pulse crops for domestic bulk and retail sales as well as exports. The second operates as a food crop production company, processing and packaging various bean types and yellow popcorn. The third is a comprehensive, wholesale, manufacturing-food processing company and the fourth specializes in gourmet, farm-to-shelf finished snack goods.

Key Aspects
  • Successfully aligned farm-to-shelf operations cover all aspects of supply including growing & manufacturing, processing, packaging and distribution
  • Vertical supply chain provides excellent quality control and increased customer and market insights as well as cost efficiencies lending to improved profitability
  • Products are co-packed, branded, and sold through multiple retail and wholesale distribution channels
  • State-of-the-art facilities and equipment with advanced automation technology
  • Stringent quality and compliance standards in place that focus on safety including HACCP and BRC certifications
  • Revenue and costs are subject to intercompany transfers not identified
  • Multiple synergistic gains available through the manufacturing & packaging segments, including untapped retail, co-packing & distribution markets
  • According to ownership, success with pearling a commodity for pet food can be easily applied to the same commodity for human consumption, with no additional capital required
  • Several private label opportunities exist for the dry bean and finished snack goods segments, including with prominent companies such as Walmart and Target
  • An additional warehouse and added labor support would offer increased efficiencies as well as production capacity with less change over, according to ownership
  • Continued growth of the snack good brand via brokerage & bag sizes that target the convenience market as well as ongoing expansion into the European market and U.S. big box stores
  • Western U.S.
Current Markets
  • Multiple customer markets in the value chain are served. Two of the companies supply global wholesale consumer markets via third-party brokers. A third provides multiple customer types with customized co-manufacturing & product packaging options. The fourth serves the wholesale & retail snack good markets, including grocery & convenience stores and distributes via e-commerce channels as well.
Real Estate
  • Four operating facilities across two states totaling 169,000 square feet. Ownership is open to negotiating all operating real estate as part of a sale.