Construction, Installation, and Maintenance Services Provider for the Oil & Gas Industry

West Texas
Client Code: BN000056052
Revenue (Internal): $5,039,276
EBITDA (Internal): $627,344

The Company provides pipeline installation, industrial maintenance, new facility construction, and hauling/disposal services. Services are now expanding to energy exploration and new drill site preparations.

Key Aspects
  • Specializes in projects requiring technical expertise, knowledge of complex drilling site designs, components, station networks, and supplemental transportation, all aspects with high barriers to entry
  • Integral connections within the oil & gas industry gained by quality, timely, and consistent delivery of high demand and diverse services
  • Strategic location near the Permian Basin and proximity to multiple shale formations and known producing oilfields
  • Master Service Agreements (MSAs) are in place with all clients
  • Client base ranges from recent enterprises to the energy sector as well as legacy Fortune 500 clients
  • ASME- and NB-certified for code stamps
  • Expand service offerings or oil & gas equipment & parts transportation and drill site preparations.
  • Augment internal operations with a larger dedicated sales team and sales manager.
  • Deploy servicing projects for staged ownership interest in the underlying pipeline or drilling site asset.
  • Federal, state, and municipal pipeline infrastructure investments are expected to continue through 2028.
  • Continue capital investments in advanced equipment to expand service offerings
  • West Texas
Current Markets
  • The Company services pipeline and industrial businesses, primarily in the oil & gas industry and overall energy sectors throughout the Permian Basin.
Real Estate
  • The Company operates from a 14,500 square-foot facility in West Texas containing office space, a fabrication shop, equipment storage areas, and a safety training center. The operating location is held through an affiliated entity and can be included in the transaction or leased post-sale.