Residential & Commercial Plumbing, Electrical, and Maintenance Provider

Client Code: BN000057059
Revenue (Internal): $6,432,009
EBITDA (Internal): $1,241,474

The Company currently specializes in plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and handyman-related services, which includes wide-ranging supplemental services with accompanying documentation records. Future plans involve upgrading the global real estate and tradesmen markets via proprietary consumer technology enabling all properties to display professionally licensed tradesmen, visual media, SKUs, and other relevant data for beneficial improvements to management, maintenance, and the purchase or sale of real estate. Key technology advantages and leadership is already secured for implementation post-sale.

Key Aspects
  • Beneficial national and international industry connections continually generate new and diversified revenue streams.
  • Tie-in contracts are available, at new ownership's discretion, with two established industry connections.
  • Highly experienced & knowledgeable management team operating with long-tenured reliable technicians. A Master Plumber and a Master Electrician are on staff.
  • Established repeat client base with long-term ongoing engagements in place.
  • Consistently positive online testimonials and an A+ accredited business rating from the Better Business Bureau.
  • Service division synergies are growing rapidly between the commercial division operating on a 6-12 month sales cycle and the residential division operating on a rapid sales cycle. The timing is perfect to expand the residential division at each location where the commercial division has a footprint.
  • Represented in all 50 states with 63 strategic, multi-year contract placements.
  • All projects are managed by internal client coordinators from start to finish with expedient response times and conducted to the highest professional compliance standards by licensed technicians using modern equipment, materials, and technology features.
  • According to ownership, a wide-ranging global marketplace roll out will reach maturity by 2027 with more than 160 additional commercial locations with multi-year service contracts expected. The Company plans to service 223 global locations by 2027 with new ownership.
  • Future acquisition of a local residential construction entity and a real estate entity from current ownership for integration and eventual leadership of a Home Services and a Home Management Division. In doing so, the residential division will be fully equipped to provide all services to service all building, repairs, improvements, buying, selling, leasing, and maintenance for real estate in the region. 
  • These opportunities are extremely rewarding when combined with the already expanding national residential division and new ownership's objective to a grow a global 'one call company.' 
  • A replicable, scalable, and predictable business model of opening a residential division with W-2 employees at every global location with an existing commercial presence.
  • Establish recruitment services for training apprentices, providing certifications for new tradesmen and employing commercial executives for converting new contracts.
  • Establish a supplemental janitorial supply division to diversify and expand the service offerings to resorts and fully-bonded services to government facilities.
  • Extend to a proprietary consumer technology business to display 'before & after' visual media per address detailing: who performed service(s), the SKUs/materials used, professional licensing, waiving the need to search for professional tradesmen online. An address itself will allow a digital display of all work records, past work, and the ideal tradesmen for future placement.
  • Texas
Current Markets
  • The Company serves a growing and diversified residential and commercial client base throughout the United States and soon to be internationally.
Real Estate
  • The Company operates from a 1,769 square-foot office facility on a 0.45 acre lot. The location is Company held, incurs no lease or mortgage expense, and may be included in the transaction or leased to new ownership post-sale.