Disruptive technology for machine inspections in extreme environment industries

Hong Kong, though the developers reside and operate in South Africa
Business Services
Client Code: BM007455
Turnover (Forecast): R82,965,000
EBITDA (Forecast): R48,742,000

Our client has innovated machine technology that is set to disrupt the global market in inspection services for maintenance work at extreme heights and in potentially dangerous environments. These include smoke stacks and industrial chimneys in the power generation and ancillary industry sectors. The equipment and related technology was designed primarily to bring about much-needed safety and efficiency advancements to the current antiquated and dangerous methodologies used when working in these extreme environments.

Key Aspects
  • The key differentiator to the technology is that no plant shutdown is required during inspection for determining maintenance work required, enabling significant cost savings.
  • Plant engineers are able to receive real-time, reliable, and repeatable inspection data for analysis and maintenance planning.
  • Live video feeds from inside the industrial chimney enable engineers to quickly and accurately determine scope of repairs and maintenance work required.
  • A 3D rendered model allows virtual viewing of the smoke stack, post inspection, for better informed decisions.
  • The intellectual propriety is secured through registered patents in numerous countries across the globe, including the major markets of the United States, China, Soviet Union countries, India, South Africa, and Australia.
  • The technology is positioned to be marketed and deployed to major plants in jurisdictions regulated for inspection and maintenance compliance; the technology effects a dramatic reduction in inherent risks as a machine is doing the inspection, not a person.
  • A significant data record will be developed over time, and can be used to assist with predicting plant trends and maintenance planning, ensuring long term structural integrity and operational effectiveness.
  • The opportunity exists to secure an agency with an internationally recognised supplier of industrial coatings and paint used for the maintenance and fixing of all industrial and power plants. By positioning itself as a re-seller of the industrial coating, and developing an in-house maintenance team that utilises the product, the company could act as a specialist service provider, stimulating further growth and new income streams.

The company is in Hong Kong, though the developers reside and operate in South Africa.

Potential Markets
  • Any industry where inspection services for maintenance work are required at extreme heights or in potentially dangerous environments.
  • These environments typically include smoke stacks and industrial chimneys in the power generation and ancillary industry sectors.
  • The immediate focus is to penetrate the power generation industry, due to its continuous maintenance demand and the negative effect of plant shutdowns. However, this should not impact on targeting any other sector in which industrial chimneys are being used.
  • There is potential to exploit and conduct inspection services opportunities within the following sectors as well: Power Generation, Pulp & Paper, Chemicals & Refinery, Steel & Metals, Petrochemicals, Cement & Lime, Mining & Minerals, Manufacturing, Food & Beverage
  • Research shows that there are 522 smoke stacks with a height of more than 125 meters, spread across the globe, which could be included in the companies targeted as future potential clients.