FMCG wholesaler to retailers, local businesses, and government institutions.

Consumer, Food & Retail
Client Code: BM007416
Turnover (Actual): R98,218,414
EBITDA (Actual): R4,932,163

A wholesaler of food, beverages, household products and a number of other fast moving consumer goods to the general public and institutions such as schools, hostels, hospitals and prisons and to local businesses such as restaurants, pubs and lodges. Customers can either purchase products directly through the wholesale store, place orders telephonically or order online for delivery within a 100km radius of their location in Limpopo, South Africa.

Key Aspects
  • A wide range of fast moving consumer goods which represent staple products to customers across LSM markets.
  • Competitively priced products result in large sale volumes Bulk purchases from suppliers establishes buying power and the company to achieve economies of scale on deliveries.
  • No market concentration through an extensive loyal customer base across various industries.
  • A multi-channel sales strategy – Telesales, online ordering and a retail store on site, offering wholesale value Independent wholesaler of Coca-Cola products within the region Registered house branded products in the dry goods category.
  • Agency agreements for the sale of security products Extensive industry knowledge and reputation
  • With consistently high demand, the shareholders have identified numerous ways to facilitate further growth.
  • Strong supplier relationships, the geographical location and established, proven distribution channels all support potential expansion of the company's presence both locally and into neighbouring African countries.
  • Expanding the current product range will both increase penetration into the existing customer base and attract new customers.
  • Instituting new departments will enable the company to become a 'one-stop shop', further entrenching themselves in the market. Additional physical capacity will support an increase in the range of products carried and an increased stock holding, to meet growth in demand. Introducing a marketing department will improve brand awareness and increase market exposure.
  • An increased B-BBEE rating will unlock further potential to be awarded large government contracts.

Limpopo, South Africa