Manufacturers and suppliers of systems for reinforced concrete and brick structures, with a growing customer base in the construction sector.

Construction; Industrial & Manufacturing
Client Code: BM007451
Turnover (Management): R62,312,000
EBITDA (Management): R11,044,200

Profitable and robust operation active in the manufacture and supply of consumable products to the construction industry. Instantly tap into a well-established client base comprised of over 400 entities including well-known and blue-chip brands. Actively provide a comprehensive range of moulded and extruded plastic products, concrete and steel components the majority of which are manufactured at a centrally located facility in Gauteng.

Key Aspects
  • Established manufacturing plant
  • Exclusive agents for world-class concrete lifting and anchoring systems
  • Unique extruded concrete spacer manufacture
  • Well-known and respected in the industry
  • Established distribution channels
  • Significant opportunity for growth in the online retail space
  • Strong, sustainable turnover levels with high cash-conversion rate
  • Healthy and consistent GP margins that flow through to industry-high range EBIT margins
  • Extremely strong net assets, demonstrating the liquidity and solvency position which accommodates leverage structuring
  • Just-in-time inventory system: The ability of the entity to manufacture its own stock immediately and when required means that stock is turned over 2-3 times per month
  • The new online shop is expected to be a significant driver of growth, through tapping into the small-medium contractor market, expanding sales reach across South Africa¬†
  • An acquirer may elect to establish a wholly-owned network of branches at key development nodes.
  • Continue to increase sales through the addition of and augmentation of new and ancillary product lines
  • Access substantial governmental and parastatal infrastructural spend through increased B-B BEE ownership
  • Elevate existing cash sales which directly and positively impact on profitability
  • Employ the liquidity of the company to leverage aggressive levels of growth.

Gauteng, South Africa