Specialist equipment suppliers to the hospitality and catering industries.

South Africa
Client Code: BM021381
Turnover (Forecast): R58,582,125
EBITDA (Forecast): R6,842,355

The Company has a solid reputation for a niche product offering, service excellence and providing turnkey solutions, with the core focus being beverage-dispensing solutions. Additional support is offered through installing, cleaning and servicing installed products.

Key Aspects
  • Being an importer, supplier and service provider, the Company has established a strong market pull and enjoys multiple revenue streams.
  • Gain immediate access to a network of loyal customers with long-term Service Level Agreement (SLA) contracts ensuring annuity income.
  • Customer loyalty and history is a barrier to entry for newcomers; only a few niche suppliers service the national market.
  • Established brand supplying a large and diversified product range with comprehensive turnkey beverage-dispensing solutions Importer and distributor of leading international brands of dispensing systems and catering equipment.
  • Proprietary software for efficient service delivery ensuring customer peace of mind.
  • Strong reputation for good service with excellent turnaround times and quick installations of products
  • Diversify into other beverage-dispensing machines such as coffee and slush puppy machines, enabling further expansion into another strong market requirement of the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) market.
  • Expand the innovative service-scheduling platform into different industries; their dynamic proprietary software will enable effective management of maintenance contracts to other foodservice industries outside the QSR market.
  • Lucrative opportunities exist to generate further recurring income by gaining additional service and maintenance contracts.
  • Penetrate new geographic areas, such as under-serviced townships where staff are not required to have specialist training to use the equipment.
  • Expand the market to include installations at specialised events where minimal staff are required due to the innovative systems used.

South Africa