Distributor and manufacturer of engineering plastics and components, transport components, and rubber products, representing global suppliers

South Africa
Industrial & Manufacturing
Client Code: BM009642
Turnover (Forecast): R232,555,183
EBITDA (Forecast): R26,857,606

The group owns a set of companies that import, manufacture and distribute engineering plastics and components, industrial materials, transport components, and rubber products to a wide industry base nationwide. The group has established long-standing business relationships with local and international suppliers. The rubber manufacturing plant gives the group a competitive edge in being able to design, simulate, and manufacture all rubber components and tooling in-house.

Key Aspects
  • A long-standing legacy as a group operating for several decades, enjoying 50-year relationships with select suppliers
  • Comprehensive, well-equipped branches with extensive stock holdings and modern in-house production facilities
  • Historically associated with well-known international brands, currently representing global leaders in industrial adhesives, commercial vehicle components, and engineering materials
  • A diverse product range, with high-performance plastic and moulded rubber components manufactured in-house
  • After-sales services such as a dedicated technical sales team that will visit customers to resolve any queries if needed
  • Strong relationships with suppliers, cultivating supply chain agreements and multiple sources for raw materials from both local and international suppliers
  • Extensive customer base, serving thousands of active customers across a broad range of sectors, including food, beverage, packaging, transport, mining, and construction
  • Access to established international relationships as a factory agent and representative of renowned leading brands
  • A reliable supply chain with established suppliers and alternative supplier options, reducing disruptions and enhancing operational efficiency
  • Brand legacy and recognition as a widely-known national manufacturer and distributor in multiple industries
  • Export market is untapped but within reach, particularly in exporting rubber components
  • Recent geographic expansion showing potential, with new branches due to continue growing
  • Product range expansion possible for branches to increase offerings
Current Markets
  • The group has many long-standing supply relationships with OEM customers and holds valuable intellectual property and insights into product specifications that the OEM clients value highly.
  • The order book with its OEM customer base has achieved steady growth and the business has the infrastructure to support a growing demand.
  • OEM suppliers have been retained over the years, proving its ability to meet international standards.