Original Equipment Manufacturer of an extensive range of pneumatic and engineered solutions for the mining, industrial and catering industries

Gauteng, South Africa
Construction; Industrial & Manufacturing
Client Code: BN000025114
Turnover (Actual): R44,002,815
EBITDA (Actual): R7,737,571

The Company is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of pneumatic equipment and engineered products for the mining and industrial industries as well as products for the catering industry. The extensive product range, including chainsaws cutters, grinders, and various engineered solutions, are designed and manufactured in-house. The Company has carved out a niche in the market for its products and enjoys limited competition, signing long-term contracts with major mining companies.

Key Aspects
  • Established expertise: Long-standing history as a pioneer and innovator in the production of pneumatic equipment
  • Product range: Diverse range of products, including chainsaws, cutters, grinders, and various other engineered solutions
  • Financial stability: High demand for products, favorable payment terms, and established long-term contracts with major mining companies
  • International presence: Exports to several SADC countries
  • Unique market position: OEM with little competition, holding a strong place in the market
  • In-house manufacturing: All products designed, manufactured, and marketed in-house
  • Market expansion: Explore untapped markets within Africa and beyond by leveraging the existing export success
  • Product diversification: Continue to innovate and expand the product line to cater to evolving industry needs
  • International partnerships: Strengthen international collaborations to increase market presence and facilitate easier access to global markets
  • Contract renewals and extensions: Seek opportunities to renew and extend existing contracts with major clients, ensuring a steady and predictable revenue stream.
  • Service and maintenance expansion: Enhance service offerings by expanding service exchange/repair programs
  • The Company is based in Gauteng and has a nationwide agent network.
Current Markets
  • The Company caters to a diverse customer base primarily within the mining, industrial, rail, petrochemical, power generation and catering industries.
  • Key customers include major mining companies, with long-term contracts renewed periodically. The Company has maintained a 100% customer retention rate over the last five years.