Specialist distributors and suppliers of a wide range of electrical products, cables, and accessories, serving diverse industries and customers across Southern Africa.

South Africa
Technology, Media, Telecom & Data
Client Code: BN000025503
Turnover (Forecast): R670,723,314
EBITDA (Forecast): R22,997,082

The group imports and supplies a wide range of electrical and communication cables, as well as electrical accessories. Additionally, the group distributes products associated with the solar industry, including inverters, batteries, and solar panels. Geotechnical instrumentation is also supplied through its distribution channels.

Key Aspects
  • More than 13 years in operation, with a well-established local presence and growing cross-border interest
  • Reputation for excellent service, quality products, and reliability in various markets
  • Wide range of electrical and communication cables, including specialized products and accessories, providing clients with an all-encompassing range of cable products and accessories
  • Strong relationships and partnerships with manufacturers, ensuring competitive pricing and shorter lead-times 
  • Emphasis on exceptional customer service and long-standing relationships with clients
  • Strong management team with decades of combined experience in the electrical market
  • Expansion into new geographical markets by establishing branches in major towns and cities across Southern Africa.
  • Acquisition or establishment of a manufacturing plant to enhance control over production, increase margins, and cater to specific cable demands.
  • Implementation of an e-commerce website tailored to the electrical market in South Africa to capture online sales and reach a wider customer base.
  • Diversification into renewable energy by importing and offering the group's own brand of solar products, capitalizing on the growing demand for sustainable energy solutions.
  • Increasing stock holding capacity to minimize lead times, meet customer demands promptly, and cater to larger orders.
  • The group is headquartered in Pretoria, with a physical branch in Johannesburg and a virtual operation in Cape Town.
Current Markets
  • The group serves a diverse customer base that includes Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), electrical wholesalers, retail stores, mining industries, industrial industries, electrical contractors, solar installers, and general consumers. To cater to these customers’ varying needs, the group provides an array of electrical products, communication cables, and accompanying accessories.
  • The group's contracts with manufacturers and suppliers, along with their strong relationships in the industry, highlight its ability to serve various sectors and provide reliable products and services.