A full-service IT solution provider specialising in support contracts, cloud hosting, VoIP telecoms, Microsoft 365 consultancy, security & disaster recovery, and technical staffing solutions

Gauteng, South Africa
Technology, Media, Telecom & Data
Client Code: BN000025979
Turnover (Management): R16,331,844
EBITDA (Management): R2,560,154

This company is a full service IT Managed Service Provider servicing SMMEs to enterprise clients with a full suite of outsourced IT department needs including IT support, Cloud services, Voice over IP (VoIP), Microsoft365 products and staffing solutions. Established in 2001, this company provides clients with a full-service managed IT solution, from telecommunications and cybersecurity, to automation and outsourcing. This diverse mix enables the company to upsell and cross-sell its services to new and existing clients. 

Key Aspects
  • Strong recurring revenue growth
  • Highly-effective cybersecurity stack that ensures client safety and trust thanks to proactive and constant security monitoring 
  • Long-term partner relationships spanning over 15 years with key IT suppliers of software, hardware, security and back-up support  
  • Diverse and multi-tiered service offering catering to businesses of different sizes and requirements
  • Level 2 B-BBEE accreditation enabled through an affiliated partner
  • Specialist outsourced partner network that can be tapped into when services outside the company’s mix are required  
  • Remote or independently operating workforce allowing for significant cost-savings and flexibility 
  • Strategic client management and retention enabled by the company’s subscription-based service offering 
  • Committed management team ready for the next phase of growth
  • Aggressively scaling annual sales by using a unique New Business Development model: this involves signing up a certain number of high-paying clients each month, converting the company’s marketing model, and performing internal upgrades to various tools. 
  • Up- or cross-selling to existing clients who are only using one or two of the company’s services: There are multiple clients who are only using one or two of the company’s services. The company plans to increase the number of services each client subscribes to, to exponentially grow revenue and client satisfaction. 
  • Developing a strategic partnership model with companies servicing the same target market to cross-pollinate leads and increase revenue.
Current Markets
  • The company's clients are situated throughout South Africa and include a strong presence in manufacturing, distribution, warehousing and vehicle dealerships. 
  • By billing clients on a monthly basis, the company is able to increase subscriptions by attracting clients who are wary of long-term contracts. This also allows the company to easily terminate relationships with low-quality or significantly challenging clients.