Well equipped plastic conversion and steel engineering business.

Industrial & Manufacturing
Client Code: BN000025610
Turnover (Management): R26,382,968
EBITDA (Management): R4,176,960

Our client is a plastic conversion company specialising in Plastic Injection Moulding and Mould Making. Its production facilities comprise an array of plastic injection moulding machines and a fully equipped Steel Engineering department that manufactures, repairs & maintains plastic injection moulds , both for internal production and external customers. The company has unique capabilities to provide a turnkey plastic product solution.

Key Aspects
  • Substantial injection moulding capabilities using a variety of polymers
  • Well equipped engineering department capable of producing and repairing moulds
  • Diversified income streams
  • Long term relationships with a loyal customer base
  • Highly skilled workforce with comprehensive technical skills
  • Rigorous quality controls
  • Improved sales for aspects of the business that have excess capacity could result in a substantial increase in sales
  • The company does little marketing, having sustained a client base for several years. With new additional capacity, the business is ready to be marketed and improved on.
  • Additionally, an improved BEE status would assist the company in securing more business.
  • Active involvement from a local shareholder could expediate growth.

Gauteng, South Africa