Fibre optic services company specialising in turnkey project delivery for the telecommunications industry.

South Africa
Technology, Media, Telecom & Data
Client Code: BM009263
Turnover (Forecast): R141,752,640
EBITDA (Forecast): R25,181,640

Our client has experienced outstanding growth in fibre installation services, the majority of which are engineering in nature, including design and planning of new fibre optic networks and route builds. The company is a proudly South African SME, with a B-BBEE Level 2 status working with multinational telco´s, cellco´s, network operators and internet services providers. With unlimited scope for growth within the South African and African markets, our client provides a strong foothold to any international company wishing to penetrate this lucrative market.

Key Aspects
  • Exponential historical and forecasted revenue growth
  • Early mover advantage in the phenomenal pipeline of supplying fibre services; the value chain in this sector is significant
  • Annuity income from maintenance contracts is a growing income stream; as a result of driving this growth, annuity revenue will increase to R43 million this year
  • Inhouse IP and proven experience to take advantage of the continually increasing growth in fibre use in both local and international society
  • Technical skills and proven capability to deliver turnkey projects
  • Inhouse IP from network design architects, project managers, and specialised technicians, such as the Fibre Optic Technicians, skilled in splicing (terminating) and floating (installing) the fibre cable
  • Preferred suppliers to blue-chip local and international telco's which require the B-BBEE Level 2 status
  • “Blue collar” civil works are subcontracted to local community entities
  • The exponentially increasing demand for fibre services across South Africa and into neighbouring African countries ensures significant and continued demand for our client's services, as is evidenced by the company´s outstanding revenue growth. The underserviced market presents substantial expansion opportunities.
  • Expanding the geographical footprint: the South African government is expanding fibre networks to small towns and rural areas in the country. Injected growth capital will enable the company to take advantages of these opportunities.
  • Grow the annuity income base by increasing the number of maintenance contracts on completed projects and subcontracting more technical teams to be situated onsite at larger companies. The project-based civils construction teams are subcontracted, making them a very scalable aspect of annuity income.
  • Improve B-BBEE rating: with no Level 1 supplier in the South African market currently, improved scoring will guarantee additional contracts from governments and municipalities.

South Africa