Specialist designer and manufacturer of critical high-vacuum x-ray tubes used in diamond mines across the world

Gauteng, South Africa
Industrial & Manufacturing
Client Code: BN000028387
Turnover (Forecast): R25,309,000
EBITDA (Forecast): R12,560,000

Our client is a specialist designer and manufacturer of high-vacuum x-ray tubes used in diamond sorting machines. The company is one of the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere, securing its position as a main, and often exclusive, supplier of x-ray tubes to blue-chip, mining industry client base. With growing global interest in non-destructive testing, luggage scanning and medical x-ray industries, the company is well-positioned to tap into lucrative growth opportunities with the support of a strategic acquirer.

Key Aspects
  • Exclusive suppliers to leading international mining houses 
  • Machinery automation IP captured in a growing automation software library owned by the company
  • A fully-equipped manufacturing facility that operates under clean-room conditions 
  • Strategic ordering and planning ensures steady cashflow and preferential pricing with suppliers
  • Long-serving highly-skilled and well-trained labour force
  • Expanding the product range: The company is currently adding a 160kW x-ray tube to its product range, which can be used to find larger diamonds.
  • Increasing the market sectors targeted: X-ray technology is used in a variety of industries, most predominantly the medical, luggage scanning and non-destructive testing industries. With non-destructive testing becoming more popular within various technical industries, the company is ideally positioned to use its IP and technical skills to enter new markets, increasing market share and solidifying their position as a market leader. 
  • Developing technological capabilities: By sourcing larger, better-equipped premises and purchasing higher-powered safety testing machinery, the company will be able to develop and create larger, more powerful products.
Current Markets
  • The company serves some of the most well-known mining houses in the world fulfilling bulk orders from these customers, who then distribute to their mining sites located across the world.